quoteOne of the most helpful aspects of this program-in addition to physical strengthening-is the part that it shows in simple ways that you can participate in a “progressive” level workout program without needing a gym full of equipment, l large room or constant monitoring.  This allows you to squeeze in various exercises when you can-which is so much better than not at all, and helps to create a consistency which might not otherwise be possible.  Once you know you can do something for five or ten minutes, it’s hard to avoid doing it!”

– Susan

quoteI am going to send a check  and I  can hardly wait to get a Red Pin!  I am so proud of your support of this worthy cause (AHA).  You are magic.  The swelling tape is staying on and not even one tendril is curling!!!!!  Tremendous reduction in swelling and the knee has tremendous reduction in pain.  Harold needs lessons!    You are so amazing.

– Love, Love, Sylvia.  Thank-you.  Working hard.”

quoteHi Sheila- thank you for your words of encouragement and I do consider you my fitness coach for life! I hope to do your Heart Walk next year!”

– Joanne

quoteSheila, thank you for being you…I’m so happy you got me to go to class today.

– With much respect, Teresa

quoteSheila Schneider came into my life 2 years ago through the Bariatric Program at sharp Hospital.  I had gastric bypass surgery one month prior to meeting her and needed a program that would help someone in my condition-obese.

With Sheila’s wonderful, warm nature, style and expertise in this field, I have lost 140 pounds.  I feel fabulous and now love to exercise daily.  I am 40 years old and have arthritis in both knees.  Sheila goes above and beyond when it comes to her clients.  She applies her knowledge and experience to each client individually to cater to whatever ailment they may be experiencing.

Sheila spends a lot of time with each client getting to know them, their ambitions, their physical needs and their personal goals.  She then helps them to develop a personalized plan that will help them to succeed.

She is genuinely concerned for the health and well being of every individual person that she works with and it shows through her hard work and continuous dedication to this business.

Sheila Schneider has inspired and assisted me to drastically improve the quality of my own life.  She is truly a gift to the San Diego community and should be recognized for her contribution to the well being of the people who reside here.

Written with respect and admiration for a very important person in my life.

– Diana


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