Jan’s Story

Here is Jan’s experience as a Healthy Lifestyles Program participant…

“Size Changes

Bottom – From 3X to1X or 2X depending on brand, so 1 or 2 sizes.

Top – From 3X to regular woman’s XL, so 4 sizes.  I have a pear shaped body, so my upper torso always reduces first and faster than the bottom half of my body.

The exercise we have done has really made a big difference in a short period of time in how my body looks.  I have noticed a big change in my legs and buttocks and also my upper arms.

My biggest transformation is going from totally sedentary to being active.  I have so much more physical strength and energy.  Everyday tasks and housecleaning have become much easier. Lifting things also has become easier.  I look and feel better.  When I began working with Sheila, I was afraid that any physical activity I did would hurt me in some way.  I was afraid of tripping and falling.  I was afraid that every muscle ache would lead to 3 weeks of couch or bed rest. Simple walking caused severe muscle cramping in my back, hips and legs after only 20 minutes and so I didn’t do it thinking I was hurting myself.  I was afraid of hurting my knees or my hips walking or running.  I was afraid of developing lymphedema in my left arm if I lifted anything too heavy or pushed and pulled the vacuum too long.  I am just about over those fears.  I am moving again, a little jogging even…gasp, and embracing muscle aches as progress.  I am lifting weights and building strength again.

This program saved my life.  The small group interaction gave me very carefully supervised direction in doing the exercises so I had more trust and confidence that I wouldn’t hurt myself.  I loved having a positive and encouraging coach driving me on to push myself beyond what I believed I could do.

As to food….whenever I’m not eating whatever I want, I feel like I’m on a diet.  However, that being said, the amount of calories suggested is satisfying and healthy and the diet plan is very livable as a lifestyle.  For me, changing eating habits is more than an education process.  It will require mastering and controlling the urges to binge and give into cravings.  (At our lunch the other day) I think she hit it on the head when she compared it to alcoholism.  For me, it feels like an addiction that can easily get out of control if given a chance.  I’m not sure what the answer or key to changing this behavior in me is yet.  Maybe like alcoholism and drug addiction, the longer and more I practice good eating choices, the easier it will be to avoid giving in.

Just a note of thank you, Sheila for helping me get to this point in my progression.  I feel like a transformed woman.  I feel like I’m reversing the aging process in my body to some extent.  I feel like I’m getting my life back a little more each week as I get stronger”.



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