Healthy Lifestyles Program

According to the National Institute for Health, “for weight loss to be successful, a slow weight release of 1 or 2 pounds a week, until the desirable body weight is reached, is best”.  If you have been struggling to jumpstart your weight loss and are looking for a long term solution and a truly healthy lifestyle, especially if you have back or joint pain that has hindered your weight loss and fitness goals in the past, then this is the program for you.

After over a year in the making, the new Healthy Lifestyles Program will launch on April 1st, 2010.  At Fitness Without Walls, we are celebrating our clients’ successes and amazing results in the Healthy Lifestyles Program! The results produced in test trials of the components of the program were incredible including an average weight loss of 1.57# per week, a 1% decrease in body fat composition per week, a drop in clothing by more than 1 size every month, and a 5% increase in resting metabolic rate each month.  Participants have consistently demonstrated their ability to maintain their weight after completing the program and report increased energy to move through the day and to keep up with family and friends without feeling exhausted, increased strength to ease through daily activities, and reports of increased self esteem and overall feelings of satisfaction with life.

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The Healthy Lifestyles Program is a comprehensive fitness and nutritional coaching program with a team of  health care professionals  to take your health and wellness to an entirely new level. This is an unbelievably affordable add on program that combines fitness and nutritional coaching, accountability, and personal growth and development.    This program is designed to teach you real life strategies to release weight once and for all to move forward to a happy, active and healthy lifestyle without yo-yo dieting, pills or supplements.  When you do this program, you are going to feel great, look great and you will learn the tools to successfully get and stay healthy for the rest of your life.    Just imagine feeling lean, fit, inspired, youthful, energized and healthy every day!

Do you want to have the support to make the necessary changes to reach your goal weight and maintain for the long term without being on a “diet”?  Are you ready to make a change and take control of your health and weight now for a better quality of life forever?    If you are at all interested in learning more about this powerful program, or if you know of someone who would benefit from the results that this program produces, please email or call me by today as space is limited and this program will fill up fast.    I would love to have the opportunity to make a difference in your life as well, and to guide you on your health and wellness journey.

This time, you will get healthy and fit!


Sheila, thanks for all your support and words of encouragement” – Lisa

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