Spinal Stabilization/Core Strengthening Program:

  • Does your back interfere with your ability to function with every day activities?
  • Are you tired of having a sore back?
  • Does back pain prevent you from staying as physically fit and active as you want to be?
  • Do you want to have a safe and effective program to strengthen your back that is specifically designed for you?
  • Do you want a more functional, higher quality of life without being limited by back pain or fatigue?
  • Are you ready to feel better and to take care of your back now before it gets worse?
In this program you will be working with a licensed physical therapist in a small group setting  where you will learn techniques to:
  • minimize and alleviate back pain and discomfort
  • increase flexibility of the muscles that directly affect your spine to make everyday movements easier
  • increase the strength of your core muscles, the abdominal and back muscles that ,when working effectively, form the best back brace that you will ever have or need
  • stabilize your spine and increase your movement through the larger joints that were meant to movelift, bend, stoop, carry, reach, sit, stand and do normal everyday tasks and recreational activities easier and without hurting your back
  • continue your customized core strengthening and flexibility program on your own at the completion of the program or begin other fitness programs with a solid foundation to prevent injury

In addition, you will have a thorough understanding of how your back works and how to take care of your spine.    The spine is our body’s foundation.  If the foundation starts to crumble, it is imperative that we do what it takes to build it back up.  While we can’t always change the structure, we can use our spines more efficiently to decrease further wear and tear on the structure and stretch and strengthen the muscles that support our spine, essentially adding reinforcement.   Whether you have a herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, chronic low back pain, have had back surgery, or have been advised to have back surgery by your doctor, this program can take you to the next level.  If you can do something about it now, why would you wait?

If you would like more information on this results oriented program, please email or call and I can explain how the program works, the kind of results this program is designed to deliver, and if this program would be right for you!

One of the most helpful aspects of this program – in addition to physical strengthening – is the part that it shows in simple ways that you can participate in a “progressive” level workout program without needing a gym full of equipment, a large room or constant monitoring. This allows you to squeeze in various exercises when you can – whic is so much better than not at all, and helps to create a consistency which might not otherwise be possible. Once you know you can do something for five or ten minutes, it is hard to avoid doing it!” – Susan

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